Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ava's 2nd Birthday (3.6.08)

Since I haven't been posting on any sort of consistent basis, Ava's 2nd birthday has gone undocumented (at least in the blog-o-sphere world). She enjoyed a Mickey Mouse themed party, hosted at Grandma Trudy's house because our apartment just isn't conducive to large crowds. Most everyone knows that I am not so skilled in the kitchen area, but twice a year I attempt to bake-- Ava's birthday and Christmas. I couldn't find a Mickey Mouse cake pan so I improvised with a bear cake pan. The result-- a Mickey Mouse imposter but it fooled Ava. Uncle Mark came up from the Burgh to have a beer and eat some cake (Grandma Trudy has a well stocked liquor cabinet), and the family made it too, minus those from St. Louis:( Ava, of course , was spoiled with gifts, including a Sesame Street bicycle helmet, a baby scroller (as Ava pronounces it.. This was the hit of the day), clothes, toys, books and I can't even remember what else. So, here are some photos from a very fun-filled day.

Pap pap used his beloved knife to open Ava's gifts.

You never know how dangerous strollers can be.

Ava's 2nd Birthday.

Ava's 1st Birthday

Birthday Portraits


Mom B said...

Well, Grandma "Lush" thinks the party was great...and the pictures are great, too!

the bean's mommy said...

I'm not complaining! I had my share that day.