Monday, July 7, 2008

Sticky Dora

My family was in from St. Louis for 10 days. Hooray! But now they have gone home:( Anyway, while they were here we hung out and the children played, fought, played, argued, hugged, kissed, and fought some more. Ava and Eliot had some sharing issues, but I guess that comes witht he nature of toddlerhood. In these photos, Ava had just received a Dora wall-walker (you know those things with sticky legs and arms) from great-grandma. Daddy decided to through it on Na's ceiling, which in turn stuck like glue. Na still doesn't know about this. We needed a very tall ladder to get it down.

Dora is stuck on the ceiling!

It doesn't appear that Dora is budging!

She has been rescued via an extremely tall ladder.

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