Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Na got a new pet. Well, a "temporary" pet, right Na? Rocky has become my nephew Riley's newest obsession and best friend. Every time he is over at Na's, he plays, pets, walks, feeds and tends to Rocky's every need. And when he is not at Na's, he is constantly talking about how he needs to go there to play with Rocky. It is the sweetest thing. I think it is really good for Riley. It gives him a sense of responsibility and companionship. I think he might even have a box of dog bones at his house just waiting to feed to Rocky. At least that is what Ava told me, who by the way is petrified of Rocky's sweet face every time he comes within 5 feet. Every boy needs a dog, well, at least this boy. Doesn't it look like they belong together?

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Heather said...

Way to guilt your sister into getting our nephew a dog! :)