Thursday, October 2, 2008

Potty Blues

Ava is smart. So smart it sometimes scares me. She has reached every developmental milestone way ahead of schedule. She knows her shapes, colors, numbers to fifteen, ABCs and her verbal skills are absolutely astounding. It is like talking to a miniature adult. However, the one area Ava seems to be sluggish with is the potty. She really just would rather do her business in private without some big spectacle. The other day I walked into her room and found her standing beside her bed, gripping the bed spread with a very strained look on her face. The dialogue went as follows:

Me: "Ava are you pooping?"
Ava: turning her head "Don't look at me!"
Me: "Should we go sit on the potty?"
Ava: "Don't look at me!!! Just check your email!" (The computer is in her room)
Me: rolling around laughing on the floor

Really, I am running out of clever ideas for her to want to use the potty. I gave her a quarter every time she tried and when we got 10 quarters we went to the store to buy a barbie-- a barbie with a Vespa scooter! I've taken barbies, babies, and all her stuffed animals with us to use the potty. I've taken books and blankets and I have even composed a potty song. She reallllllllllllllyyyy likes the song but she never seems to go when I sing it. It goes a little somethin' like this, oh and I beat her feet together while I'm singing:

Pee and Poop
Pee and Poop in the potty not in your pants
Keep your pants clean
Keep your pants dry
And pee and poop
Pee and poop in the potty not in your pants
Woooooooooooo!!!- You have to say this at the end with extra emphasis

If anyone is interested in the melody to accompany the lyrics, call me and I will sing it for you. Any suggestions on this potty matter are welcome. We went through three pairs of underwear, pants and socks today after I had just put her on the potty like 5 minutes before each time she peed in her pants! Ugh!


JJ said...

I used plain m&ms. Not to say this works for all, but Syl totally bought into it. She doesn't get candy much, and I called it her "special treat." I bought 2 small bags and we never even went through those. She had less than 5 accidents over 3 months, and I think it worked like a charm. She got to pick out the colors she wanted to eat, and she would get 2 every time she went. Its been a while now, and she never asks for them anymore. She even went in the nastiest potty at the zoo, no problem. My suggestion is bribery of the candy sort.
Good luck!

Danielle said...

I can bribe!

justin visnesky said...

that "Just check your email!" line cracks me up everytime!