Monday, August 20, 2007

Dance Party

As I'm sure you all are aware, Ava looks a lot like her daddy. What you might not know is that she has her mother's spunk, brilliant sense of rhythm and dance ability. Yes, if So You Think You Can Dance (my favorite reality show on Fox) has a 20th season, I'm sure Ava will win.

In order to spend nearly every waking moment with a 17 month old, one has to get creative or Teletubbies will rule the world. That is why she and I have open house dance parties on an almost daily basis. They are just as you might imagine-- I put on some dance music (something I can sing along to of course), I bounce my head to the beat and dance (or as Matt likes to say, I move in a spastic manner). In turn, Ava erupts with fits of laughter and attempts to mimic my super, awesome moves. She mostly just nods her head and stomps/kicks her feet as she slowly, but gracefully spins around in a circle. Ava will break out into extreme hysterics if I turn my head upside down so my hair flops back and forth. This move is a complete show stopper for her!

Now open house dance parties aren't just limited to our house. We generalize to other settings as well. Just last night the three of us had dinner at Luigi's. On the way home Ava started to cry because she was tired and did not have her blanket :( . Matt turned on the car stereo in an effort to distract/soothe her. What came through the speakers was very unfortunate and hardly soothing--the Clarks (we were riding in daddy's car). However, our little Ava sensed a beat and she couldn't deny it. Her head, and curls, started bouncing to the beat. She couldn't exactly stomp or spin, seeing as how she was harnessed in her seat, but I think I may have seen a shoulder shrug! Be it The Clarks, Metallica or a cell phone ringer, Ava will rock out!

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