Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mommy you said @%*#

It has been really hot. Not just hot, but humid. Now, when it is humid my hands tend to swell. I was trying to take off my wedding rings to moisturize when they became stuck. In a moment of pain and panic I muttered the word F*&*. My sweet Ava was laying on the floor staring lovingly up at me when she replied, f*@*. My eyes began to widen. Surely she did not say what I thought she said. F*@* she said again, as clear as if it had come from a dirty trucker's mouth. Now, I know our baby is super smart, but I didn't think she was quite ready to be swearing like a sailor. She has repeated my utterances day in and day out, but they all have been words and phrases I have proudly shown off to her grandparents. I'm pretty certain f*@* would not be on their list of things to boast about their granddaughter. I have to admit, it was kind of funny to hear such a nasty word coming from such an angelic face. I quickly changed the subject to Ernie, her new favorite character on Sesame Street. Luckily, we haven't heard the word since. We are back on track with her day to day vocabulary of mommy, daddy, bubble, Po (her favorite Teletubbie), Arkie (just to taunt Grandma Trudy), CiCi, NA, poop, ewh, Ernie and her all time favorite, which she repeats countless times-- Riley (WYley). I guess mommy needs to swear more secretly!


Heather said...

Watch the language, Mommy!

I see you couldn't help but jump on the blog-wagon. Now you just have to keep it up! Good luck lady!


Justin said...

more bean! more bean!