Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello, My name is......

At nearly 18 months, little miss Ava has named everyone in her family. She has even granted her grandmother with a name. Ava calls her GrandmaTrudy, Trudy, except when she says it sounds more like Tooty. Why not, right? This is her name after all. I guess Grandma or grammy is just out of the question for Ava bean. Well, hey at least it's something. For the rest of the family it goes something like this:

Mommy- self explanatory
Daddy- again, self explanatory
Cici- for Aunt Courtney
Riley- pronounced Wyley, although the R sound is coming along
Mammy- for her Great Grandma Syster
Papap- no need to explain
Na- for Grandma use to be Visnesky, was Syster and now is Manecke
Juchin- for Uncle Justin
Heather- we're still working on this. I think she said it once and it sounded kinda like Heaba
Eli- for Eliot
Chip- for Uncle John, this is what baby brother Matt referred to him as and still does. Weird.
Jo- for Aunt Mary Jo
Ryan- this sounds almost right on
Emmie- for Emma
Arkie- I think this may be her favorite name to say

Ava often runs through the list of people she holds near and dear at various points in her day, and if in the same room, she points to the person's chest and identifies him or her by name. Her newest feat is naming herself. She points to her chest and either of the following things come out: Emmie, Avy or Abee. Most often times it is Abee. It is the cutest thing ever and she does it at the most random times. I have been asking her, what is your name? Then I point to her chest and announce, your name is Ava. She hasn't quite yet caught on to responding to this question. I'll ask, Ava, what is your name? Her response: a knowing smile and a laugh. She'll point to her chest and say Abee an hour later.

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