Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I really meant to write about this before I left for my trip to STL, but lack of time and procrastination were a factor.

Oktoberfest came early. Ava had her first beer sampling at age 18 months, and if she could speak in complete sentences I'm sure she would tell you that it was the best thing she has ever tasted. It has been several weeks now, but it is funny just the same. We went to dinner at Bruno's Restaurant (where I work) to eat dinner. When I say "we," I mean Matt, Ava, Riley, my mom and I. I ordered a draft of Yuengling in an attempt to cool down and relax. Ava decided that she no longer wanted to sit in her highchair and opted for a much comfier spot on my lap. I think she was just plotting to get closer to my frosty mug of beer. As I raised the glass to my lips, Ava watched intently. I put the glass down and she reached for it. I pushed it back. As I turned my head to talk to my mother, Ava stretched to reach my beer. She put her tiny little hand into the glass and then sucked on her hand. She must of enjoyed it because she tried to go back for seconds! I moved the glass to the opposite end of the table behind a table tent. Ava wailed as she attempted to crawl across the table in search of the Yuengling. My relaxing beverage turned in to a game of hide and seek. The beer hid and Ava tried to find it. In order to finish my beer, I had to sneak a drink when she wasn't looking. I'm glad my daughter has such a refined palette, but I am not willing to share my beer. You'll have to wait until you can order your own baby bean.


Heather said...

Hilarious! E will probably be trying for a sip soon as well, as you know. The two of them can be drinking buddies!

Grandma Tooty said...

Ask Matt about the time (at age 3) he drank a can of beer. Must be genetic!!

Grandma Tooty