Monday, October 1, 2007

Holy Shit

Today was a day that will go down in the history books. No war broke out and no war has ended. No one has even been elected president, but Ava pooped and peed in the potty!

We were out at my grandmother's house today for a visit. Ava watched me pee in the potty as she has done day in and day out. As we were getting ready to each lunch, Ava walked into the hallway pointed towards the bathroom and said "pee." I asked, "Ava do you have to pee?" "Okay," she answered. She toddled in and I toddled after her expecting her to sit for a moment only to announce done after nothing happened. Today was different. Today was just the day she felt ready to tackle the big white porcelain hole. I sat her on the toilet, clutching her underneath her arms so she wouldn't fall in. "Are you going to pee Ava?" With a look of concentration and determination she said yes. A moment later I heard the tinkling of her pee meeting the bowl of the toilet. My face exploded with sheer delight. I made such a big deal. I clapped. I smiled. I sang. I shouted. I gave her a high five. We walked into the kitchen so great grandma could give Ava her due praise. Ava smiled from ear to ear. She was proud of her new found accomplishment. I told Ava to tell mommy if she had to go potty again. About an hour later Ava announced "potty!" I took her by the hand into the bathroom. Surely lightening can't strike twice in one day, but I indulged Ava with her request. I held Ava over the toilet again. I waited and I waited. I propped my arm up on the edge of the tub to relieve some of her weight. I thought-- there is no way she is going to pee again; she just wants to sit on the potty. I asked Ava, "Do you have to go potty?" "Yes," she replied. I waited another minute. I was just about to call for my grandma to bring the training ring when........ plop, plop, plop. Ava pooped in the potty! Holy shit, I thought! "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ava pooped in the potty," I explained excitedly. Once I helped her down off her throne, she turned to look at a job well done. She seemed sort of confused. She looked puzzled, like why is it floating in there?; Why can't I feel it on my hiney like I usually can? I reassured her, "Ava pooped in the potty! Good girl! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" I wiped her hiney, put her diaper back on and proudly announced to great grandma her newest feat. More cheers, hugs and excitement ensued!

I know this is the first step in an upward climb, but I think it is an explosive start! Two times in one day with one time being the big deuce! Our daughter has mad skills! Kudos to Ava. You're a big girl now sweetie. I think this deserves a champagne toast or a mango margarita. I'll consume the latter.

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Heather said...

Holy Shit is right!! YAY AVA!!!!