Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Encore Presentation

I am happy to report that the little pooper pooped in her potty again today! It was almost an accident on the floor, but we made it in the nick of time. I asked Ava if she had to go potty. When she told me yes, I took off her diaper and she took off streaking down the hallway. I was still in the bathroom waiting for her to come back. When she was right outside the bathroom door I could hear her making a slight grunting noise. I quickly scooped her up, set her on her potty as the poop hit the plastic potty. Pwwehhhh. But then she was trying to get up as she was still going, saying no, no, no. I transfered her to the big potty instead. She sat quietly and finished her business (I guess we're skipping the potty chair altogether). Just like yesterday, Ava looked at her poop in sheer confusion. I praised her up, down, backwards and sideways. She smiled a little. As I dumped her business in the big toilet, she looked at it, pointed and said, "mommy's poop." Well, judging by the size it could have been, but I corrected her. We said our farewell to the poop as we flushed the toilet and immediately called daddy to share the good news. It is funny how so much of our conversations revolve around poop these days. Stay tuned for more on the poop diaries.

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