Monday, November 12, 2007

Ava Bean vs. Green Bean

One would assume that the most imminent threat to her 19 month old child would be sharp objects such as corners of furniture, corners of crown molding (Ava and the molding had a wrestling match at age 12 months resulting in her 1st trip to the ER), scissors, pencils, screw drivers and the like. Ava has somehow made a can of green beans a weapon. I suppose she inherited her mother's gracefulness. This can of green beans met Ava square between the eyes leaving her with a horizontal, swollen, blood seeping, purple wound. How? She handed me the can of green beans at 10am in the morning hoping to have them for breakfast. After telling her no, she went to grab them from me, pulled too hard and the can of fresh cut green bean goodness came crashing down on the bridge of her nose. Many tears and screaming ensued (from both Ava and her mommy) after a very long silent pause. After such a fight with her opponent, she needed a much deserved rest. You can see her in the photo below sleeping sitting up. She couldn't even make it lying down before passing out. You might be wondering when exactly this fierce match up occurred. Judging from her attire you might think it was late summer. It was actually October 6. Mother Nature granted us with an unusually warm day thus the sun dress she wore only one other time. The evidence is clear-- Ava lost. The can of green beans was victorious leaving its mark on her gorgeous face. Luckily it healed rather nicely. There is only a faint line across the bridge of her nose now.

Poor Ava Bean

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