Thursday, November 15, 2007

What! No Party Hats?

You would think that a great grandmother turning 82 wouldn't need party hats. However, the 3 1/2 year old attending her birthday insisted upon it. When Riley found out noone had party hats for Grandma's birthday he was more than upset. He cried and cried over the party hats, insisting that we needed them and demanding that someonme go buy some. Bruce, in an attempt to quiet the room and appeal to the craftiness in Riley, crafted a party hat out of newspaper. Riley continued crying. It did not look like a party hat. He threw Bruce's creation on the floor. I picked the hat up and placed it on Ava' s head to show Riley how cool it was and how much she liked it. Bad move. Riley got jealous, ripped the hat off of Ava's head and placed it on his own. More tears fell, but this time they were Ava's because she no longer had a hat. Bruce quickly folded another hat so we could get on with the pie, icecream and present celebration. Things were calm, but a little shaky in this photo. Riley was now happy with his hat and Ava was recovering from her crying spell by clinging on to blankey. Poor Grandma just wanted to eat her pie.

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