Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Frozen Pumpkins

Pumpkin patch time seems like a lifetime ago seeing as how our pumpkins are now covered by a couple inches of snow, but I thought I ought to chronicle our adventure to Reeger's Pumpkin Patch at the end of October anyway. When I say "our" adventure I am referring to Courtney, Riley, Pap Pap, Matt, Ava and I. Reeger's had more than just pumpkins. There was a plastic pipe slide, a barn tour, (This turned out to be a bust. A dollar to get in only for Ava to see a horse, a bunny, a couple barn cats and a cow that mooed and freaked Ava out), a corn maze (Riley and Ava were too little for this), a hay ride (very cold but fun and heart warming) and various other fun and festive activities for little tikes. The hay ride took us to the patch where the kids were able to choose their favorite pumpkin. Pap Pap kept telling me that my pumpkin was lop sided and I should pick out a more round one. I liked my pumpkin with unique character. Pap Pap wasn't sold. I know I'm a little late, but these pictures are still cute.

The pipe slide.

Ava and daddy on the hay ride.

Ava at the patch.

Pap Pap's most perfect pumpkin.

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